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TDS is dedicated to electronic music and the ideas that flow from it. It is not about any single genre or idea, as we are forever in a constant state of flux. What TDS is today, may not be tomorrow. To narrow it down, for the ones who wish to label the community, one could say we cater to the experimental side of electronic music. Ranging from a mixture of dance to ambient to noise related genres and beyond. TDS' main function is to serve as a file sharing system amongst it's members. Thus anyone can upload or download their electronic music related media at TrebleDeathSystem.com, freely. All things lowtech, fast, gritty hard, slow, danceable, soothing, mechanical-like, hypnotic, organic, stimulating, provoking and mindfuckery related to electronic music are more than welcomed. Take a look around today and see what you could be missing within a year, before another shift of changes take place.

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